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Trust Me / Yuya Matsushita Promo Video (Durarara!! Ending Theme)

"Trust Me" / Yuya Matsushita Promo Vide Durarara!! Ending Theme DVD Part 2 Available March 29, 2011. Visit www.

"I Love Your Smile" for Yuya Matsushita

A fanvideo.. Yuya Matsushita has so cute smile. (I don't have the pictures and clips, don't ask me.) ("I love your smile" by Shanice ...

Durarara!! Ending 1

DRR!! Season 1 ED1 "Trust Me" by Yuya Matsushita.

Kalafina - Lacrimosa

Music video by Kalafina performing Lacrimosa. (C) 2009 SME Records http://vevo.ly/GjN2eD.

Yuya Matsushita at Fanime 2011

These are some clips from the waiting room, his Q&A (People sing happy birthday to him, and also sings for a little bit). And my ...

Skip Beat - Matsushita Yuya Mr."Broken Heart" (Lyrics)

Disclaimer: I do not own the music nor the pictures. Anime: Skip Beat (Ren x Kyoko)

I'll be there with you...

Первое что сподвигло меня на съёмки этого видео-это моя любимая песня "Bird" Yuya Matsushita, но тогда я не знала...

2PM - Take Off MV : Ao No Exorcist Ending

Blue Exorcist Ending 2pm Take off.

Любовь [Basil Hallward & Dorian Gray]

Movie: Dorian Gray (2009) Song: Канцлер Ги - Любовь I do not own any of these clips/music that is used. No copyright ...

Kuroshitsuji Music Box Lullaby

I have just finished watching the series Kuroshitsuji and i would highly recomened it! The story is alittle bloody but shows the ...

RomisWRC [ Chapter 17, July 27th ]

hey, i'm starting to post my request countdown here, hope u vote: http://atrl.net/?t=55640&page=233 and enjoy it! Chapter 17 ...

The Slightly Chipped Full Moon (Alois Trancy Theme) Kuroshitsuji OST

The Slightly Chipped Full Moon by Yucca Original Soundtrack :D !! THIS SONG IS NOT MINE.

Trust Me Track G [MEP Part]

My Part for xXBlackAmuletXx's Trust Me MEP I couldn't think of any effects for my part except for using a little bit Tv Simulator so ...

Kalafina - Kagayakusoranoshijimaniha

Music video by Kalafina performing Kagayakusoranoshijimaniha. (C) 2010 SME Records http://vevo.ly/Jf84MH.

Kuroshitsuji Muscial 3 Promo

This is an UNOFFICIAL promotional video made for the upcoming revival of the second Black Butler musical. This video was ...

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